Tuesday, January 19, 2010


   Since I have been a hairdresser for 11 years, I have some fantastic hair knowledge I really want to share with my PCOS sisters!
   The secrets to beautiful hair when you have this disease are......


   Women with this illness usually need to add volume to their hair because they typically have thinning hair (all over, or in male patterned areas). Some women will not have thin hair, but most will have some areas that are thinning or all over (especially the older you get, the worse PCOS becomes). There are a couple ways to achieve volume when you have thin, oily hair.

  1. The Right Haircut: The best haircut to achieve volume is a straight blunt cut all around with long layers at the bottom (you need the layers to give it some lift at the roots). Usually I would recommend NO longer than shoulder length, especially if it is very thin. If your hair is not too thin than you can get away with a little longer hair, bust most can't. If you have thinning hair in the temples (like I do) - bangs or long bangs really help to cover that area a little bit.

   2. Color, Color, Color: Women who want volume want to use color and or highlights!!!! When you color or highlight your hair- you are destroying the cuticle (damaging it) - that is an awesome thing if you want some volume. Destroyed hair means a ton of volume!!!!! I would recommend an all over hair color, or get hair color and some highlights or even just highlights. Highlights are fantastic for adding volume to the roots of your hair!!! I get foils of color and then highlights put in all over for some killer volume, but it still gives me depth in my hair color.

   3. Volumizing Products: I highly suggest a wonderful volumizing Shampoo or volumizing for colored hair Shampoo!!! You need it, because we have thin hair plus a ton of us get very oily roots! Then use either a volumizing conditioner or a moisturizing conditioner, based upon the dryness and length of your hair. Only use the conditioner from the ponytail down (this tip is huge to keep volume in your hair)!!!!! DO NOT put it on the roots!!! Last but not least use a finishing product, volumizing mousse (for everyone) and a light serum for longer, dry hair! Try to use a deep conditioner all over your hair (scalp to ends) once a week. Wrap your hair in a towel or cap while you take a bath before bed- leave in for 30 mins!! Volumizing products can dry out the hair so that's why it is beneficial to use a deep conditioner once a week. Make sure not to use deep conditioner in the morning, your hair will feel oily and too weighed down all day- use at night before bed!

   Here are the products I personally LOVE:

   • Shampoo: "Matrix Amplify Color XL shampoo" (amazing- gentle but volumizing)

   • Conditioners: "Bedhead Dumb Blonde" (good proteins for damaged hair), "Redken All Soft Heavy Cream" (I need this because my hair is long and it gets pretty dry) I use both every day.

   • Deep Cond: "Redken Real Control Intense Renewal"

   • Volumizer Product: "Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus"- AMAZING!!

   • Serum: "Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum" (for the end of my hair to have shine, moisture, frizz control, and it makes it dry quicker- would only recommend for long hair women)

*****Here's my Super Special Hair Tip...... DRY SHAMPOO!!!!!! I use "Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo" or "Batiste Dry Shampoo"- (smells tropical), the reason it is an amazing tip is that dry shampoo is wonderful for people with thin, oily hair. It is great for days you don't want have time to shower, you want extra volume, you have extremely oily hair and nothing else works!!! It is my secret weapon to have amazing volume in my hair!!! Make sure to spray where you need it, let it set for a minute, and then brush it out thoroughly- it will look great!

   I hope that this information is helpful to all you beautiful women with PCOS, you can finally have the hair that you have always wished for and haven't known how to achieve!




  1. This is great Arielle! People with this disease need a place to go that have the same issue and are dealing so well with it! And hooray for the Arielle Salon! What a great way to share your knowledge and make some money doing it! Right on!

  2. Arielle I am your Moms cousin Amber. Louise Clarks daughter I was diagnosied with PCOS about 8-9 years ago and struggle with it daily. I love the info you have put on here and will check back often. Thanks

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