Saturday, April 17, 2010

FAST TIPS for Helping PCOS Symptoms!!!

FAST TIPS for Helping PCOS symptoms: (do this and you will notice a difference) ;)

1. Switch to all Whole Wheat/ or Whole Grain Carbs (try for NO white Carbs) - the best things I have done)

2. WORK- OUT for at least 30 min EVERY day!!!!- very important!!!

3. Try not to eat very many processed foods

4. Try eating small, (but 5-6) mini- meals

5. Drink tons of Water (try for filtered water)***

6. Eat some kind of protein with every meal (to balance insulin levels), and try to eat more veggies!!!

7. Try (if you can afford) to buy organic Milk/ Meats/ Eggs.

8. Do one relaxing thing every day (Bath/ Relaxation CD/ Massage/ Yoga, etc..)

9. Wash your Face morning and night- using only oil- free/ non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) face products (in all skin care/ makeup)- if you have acne or pimples!!

10. Use Volumizing Hair products if hair is oily/ thin!- Get some haircolor and volumizing haircut- it will make the world of difference*

11. Take a Multi- vitamin every day!