Wednesday, February 17, 2010


     I can't tell you how many times in my life, that I have whined and complained about how hard I have to work to lose weight. It just seems at times that everyone has a much easier time, especially because they don't have the extra trial of PCOS, which makes it soo much harder. How many of you just feel like you NEVER have energy (especially for working out), you've tried every work-out routine and diet known to man, but still can't lose all the weight you want! You are definitely not alone. If I was a regular woman without Pcos (with how hard I try to work out and diet) I should be a toothpick, but since I have PCOS, I have a very hard time losing those last 10 pounds- it get's very discouraging and frustrating at times! 

   The point of this post is not to make you feel like giving up, or too feel picked on in life because you have Pcos. It is to motivate you and to allow you to give yourself a little break mentally from being too harsh on yourself about how hard it is for you to lose weight. You have a condition that you will practically have forever, it makes you feel tired, you gain weight easier than most, and it is not the most feminine disease to have! PCOS is NO FUN!!!  But, I can tell you from my own personal experience, you CAN LOSE WEIGHT!!! I have and it is not easy, but it is sooo worth it!

    Let me tell you a secret.................. You will feel more Beautiful, Sexier, Stronger and you will lose weight if you get your butt up and work out almost every day!!!!!!!!! You will have more energy! If you need orange juice, or a diet coke every day to be able to get up and work out- Do IT!!!!! Do whatever you need to work out almost everday! I am  huge believer on mentally fooling yourself-  (I do this every morning)- tell yourself that you will only work out for just 10 minutes.... then low and behold once you start moving your body you start to feel better, and you have more energy. You will find yourself working out longer than you thought, but give yourself the excuse to be lazy (tell yourself only 10 minutes) at first when you start then you don't feel soo tired and worn out before you even get going!

    Go buy yourself the cutest work- out outfit that makes you look like a hottie and is flattering- it will make all the difference. You will be more encouraged to want to work out, if you don't have to put on the ugliest of work out outfits. You will feel soo motivated to work out! I LOVE work-out outfits from JC Penny- super cute and cheap! Go buy an MP3 player (it doesn't have to be an IPOD only)- just go and buy the cheapest MP3 player and dowload the most heart pumping, exciting, and motivating music that you love! This is the biggest motivator for me- when I get to listen to an awesome new song, it actually makes me excited to work-out! Try to change out your songs once in awhile for new ones, it mixes things up and keeps things exciting. Go buy great fitting work out shoes- your feet and knees will thank you, and your work- out just got 10 times easier! When you have PCOS you have to mentally fool yourself everyday!!!!!!! You have to do everything in your power to find ways to want to work out (we are not usually the most athletic)- so you will have to trick yourself!!!! 

   Go join a gym if you love being around people and want set classes to attend (I adore BodyPump and Zumba classes), or buy work out DVD's at home that are awesome if you don't want to spend money every month or your not a social work out person ( I LOVE and always use "Turbo Jam" by Beachbody)- those DVDs will kick your butt and are soo fun and motivating- here's the website: 

 many of my friends also swear by "P90X" by Beach body- very intense work out!
Go swimming, run, or just walk- anything!!!!! Also, please try to do some weight training, it really helps to boost your metabolism soo much longer and the toned look is very HOT!! If you are worried about bulking just use low weights and more reps (more strength moves). YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

   You may not start dropping weight right away, but you will lose inches over time, your clothes will start fitting better and just feeling stronger is an amazing feeling- you will feel like you can do anything!

*******Exercise daily. A 30-minute walk improves your body's use of insulin. In addition, expending energy will help with weight loss.

PCOS Women More Prone to Gain Weight

(here's an article to make you realize it is not all in your head (your not lazy)- it is really hard for PCOS women to lose weight, but it is possible and so worth it! We do gain weight easier, and it is harder for us to lose it, but darn it we will!! We are going to lose this weight for life and be healthier and look Fantastic! Exercise is a HUGE step in weight loss, especially for Pcos women.)****

   We've heard lots of stories about PCOS women who are very disciplined in what they eat, yet they still gain weight or can't lose weight. Meanwhile, their family or friends can eat more and stay thin.

   This is borne out by a study at the University of Pittsburgh where the diet of PCOS women was compared with non-PCOS women.(1) The study found that although PCOS women tended to be more overweight, there was virtually no difference in their dietary intake. However, when lean PCOS women were compared to lean normals, the investigators found that the lean PCOS women consumed fewer calories than the lean non-PCOS women. In other words, the lean PCOS women eat fewer calories to maintain their weight compared to normal lean women.

  This study suggests that PCOS women tend to gain more weight with the same amount of calories when compared to non-PCOS women.


  1. What a great, well written and motivating article. I will tell all at my place of work about your site.

  2. Just found your blog and wanted to say thank you! It is just what I needed right now. I was diagnosed with PCOS 71/2 years ago when I was only 18. At the time I was so relieved to have so many answers that many of the factors didn't bother me...until this last year when I got married and started trying to get pregnant. Now l struggle with feelings of being fat, ugly, and unfeminine. I have to remind myself that I am beautiful and just because I have PCOS doesn't mean I'm destined to become hairy, ugly, fat, and bald. Thank you so much for sharing. I really needed this!

  3. Love this post! You have such a positive message for women with PCOS! I'm a life coach that specializes in working with women with PCOS and women who are facing fertility challenges. You are certainly right that losing weight and exercising can make you feel more beautiful. Did you know that it can also make you feel SEXIER and increase libido? Since I've been working with a trainer I am feeling so much more like a woman. PCOS kind of takes some of that feminine prowess away and can definitely be a blow to the sex drive.

    Holly Amarandei

  4. Hi i just came across your blog and im 14.. even im struggling with weight problems, acne, dandruff and such.. i believe in positive thinking so i believe that pcos CAN go away.. I know it will and im super sure of it.. thanks for the support and for your amazing informative articles :) a 14 year old girl